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BSA Troop 357 History

John M. Papp Scoutmaster

234 William St.

Rotterdam, New York 12303-3293

Home Phone (518)356-3897

Email: Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com

Web Site:




OBJECTIVE: To become one of the Best Scout Troops in Twin Rivers Council.



Deep in History, BSA Troop 357 has been serving our Community since May of 1963. In the 70’s & ‘80’s Troop 357 Traveled to many Scouting Functions including the West Point Invitational Camporee and Touring Washington D.C. In the ‘90’s, Troop 357 furthered their experiences staying over at Battleship Cove, Accepted to Participate in the West Point Invitational Camporee in ‘93 and ending the Decade with a new vision, a new purpose. To provide nothing short of the FINEST Scouting Experience in the Schenectady District.


Honor & Quality Unit

Qualified-Earned 1977, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02 (25 Consecutive Years.)

Presented by Schenectady County Council BSA & Twin Rivers Council BSA



Awards & Honors

May 1999 Veteran Scouts Association

        Community Service Award Winner

May 2000 Veteran Scouts Association

        Community Service Award Winner

        Rob Rorick also recognized for OVER 100 Hours of Community Service

September 2000 Veteran Scouts Association

        Community Service Medals Awarded to:

        RJ Lopez for 50 Hours

        Joe Hunziker 25 Hours

        Ray Derkowski 25 Hours

September 2000 Order of the Arrow

        National “Service to America” Troop

        National “Service to America” Award Winners

                Rob Rorick

                RJ Lopez

                Joe Hunziker

                Ray Derkowski

                Phil Van Natten

                Matt Trombley

September 2001 American Legion Invitational Camporee

                Grand Champions

January 2002 Schenectady - Sir William Johnson Districts Klondike & Deep Freeze

        Dark Phantom Wookies Patrol

        1st Place Division BLUE RIBBON (18th out of 52 Competing Patrols)

3rd Place out of 52 Competing Patrols in Fire Building! 11 Minutes 30 Seconds!!!

Ducks Patrol

        2nd Place Division RED RIBBON (28th our of 52 Competing Patrols)

        Best Scout Spirit ~ Orienteering Station

        Honorable Mention Scout Spirit Ice Rescue

        Best Scout Spirit/Patrol Yell Sled Race

"In my 20 years being a part of this Klondike, the Troop 357 Ducks Patrol had the BEST Scout Spirit & Yell I have ever heard."

~John King Mayor Sled Race.

February 2002 Saratoga District Klondike

        Dark Phantom’s

                Grand Champion’s of the Fox Division Patrols for Scouts 1st Class & Under

        2nd Place in sledge race.

100% Boys Life Troop

        January 1999

        January 2000

        January 2001

        January 2002



        December 1998 Gold National Camping Award for 100+ Days & Nights

        August 1999 Gold National Camping Award for 100+ Days & Nights

        August 1999 “NATIONAL Gold Award” for 1000 Days and Nights Camping in the ‘90’s

        December 2000 Gold National Camping Award for 100+ Days & Nights

        December 2001 Gold National Camping Award for 100+ Days & Nights


National Den Chief Service Awards

        Rob Rorick January 2000 for Service to Pack 10 Rotterdam, NY

        RJ Lopez February 2000 for Service to Pack 16, Schenectady, NY

        Phil VanNatten January 2002 for Service to Pack 16, Schenectady, NY

        Petey Rosa January 2002 for Service to Pack 16, Schenectady, NY

        Ray Derkowski March 2002 for Service to Pack 10, Rotterdam, NY

Gold Star Mothers Appreciation Award Winners

        November 11, 1998

Rotterdam Elks Financial Support Awards






General Herkimer Council Camp Russell

        Camp Russell Award Winners ‘92, ‘93, ‘94, ‘95, ‘’96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘99, ‘00, ‘01, '02

        Camp Russell Challenge “TOP TROOP” July 7th, 2000, July 13th, 2002



Adult Leadership Abilities:

A Cadre’ of Leadership with OVER 100 years of Combined Scouting Service.

2 Leaders Woodbadge “Trained”

4 Leaders Scoutmaster Fundamentals “Trained”

2 Leaders “Trained” Cubmasters

3 Leaders “District Award of Merit” Recipients


2 Leaders “Silver Beaver” Recipients

4 Leaders “Scouter’s Training Award” Recipients

1 Eagle Scout Scoutmaster, 2 Eagle Scout Adult Committee Members


1 Leader “Trained” as a Certified Adirondack Voyageur Guide

8 Leaders CPR & Red Cross First Aid Certified

1 Leader NYS Medication Administration Certified

1 Leader St. Georges Cross Recipient for Excellence in Religious Scouting.

4 Order of the Arrow Vigil HONOR Recipients

2 Scoutmasters “Key” Recipients

4 Schenectady District “Spark Plug” Award Recipients


Troop 357 References:

John Ricci District Chairman: ""

Sarah Chadwick District Commissioner: ""

Gary Guido Former SM of T90 & Former Camp Boyhaven Properties Chairman


Alice Milewski District Training : ""

Bart Chabot T72 Committee Member:

Tim Kennedy WL Pack 41 East Greenbush: ""

Paul Heilman ASM T-?? Averill Park: ""

Don Montanye Twin Rivers Council Executive Committee: ""

Bruce Raver ASM in Delmar: ""

Jim Resila ACM Pack 10 Rotterdam: ""

Rob Rorick JASM T357/Former Sisilija Chapter OA Chief:

Kurt Von Macher Troop 357 Commissioner: ""

George Loucks, Camp Boyhaven Head of Gophers: ""

Gus Boucher Camp Boyhaven Ranger: ""

Herb Roes, Scouting Icon: 372-2214 “”


Dear Mr. Papp & Boy Scout Troop 357,

<snip> I received numerous compliments on not only the size or your American Flag, but also the Behavior of the young men who carried it.

        Troop 357 proved to exemplify the true meaning of what we all perceive scouting to be: young individuals who act with dignity and respect and are instilled with deep patriotism for America.

<snip> I thank you for your contribution in making our 41st Annual Rotterdam Memorial Parade such a special event.


Holly Vellano, Councilmember Town of Rotterdam

May 2001

In all my ten or so years managing the Derby, I have never seen a Troop 357 Patrol do particularly well. This year two Patrols do well.  You mentioned a five year goal or commitment to the Troop as SM when we talked Friday night in the White House.  Maybe you should reconsider the duration of your commitment to the Troop.  Success breeds success.  It took me and some very dedicated help (Davidheiser, Sogoian, and others) nearly five years to bring Troop 67 back from the brink.
George Loucks  January 2002

Congratulations on your National Distinguished Scoutmaster's Award of Merit, nobody deserves the award more than you.

Rob Zak
Schenectady District Director
March 2002


And thanks to Troop 357 for the wonderful ceremony - for many of us it was
the first flag retirement we've seen.  You should have seen the cubs
scouring through the ashes the following morning - all 8 rings were
  The best part, from my persepective, is the requirement that the
retirement ceremony be the last event of the night.  Once the cermony was
over, and without missing a beat, all but the leaders required to tend the
fire were off to bed.  A fine ending to a fine evening.  Thank you once

Jim Resila Cubmaster Pack 10

 January 2002


Incredible effort from you and your team!  Congrat's again!!  

Bart Chabot Order of the Arrow Community Service Advisor

June 2002


Congratulations to you on getting the first Distinguished Community Service Award. I have always been proud of the troop and you have carried the troop to a new high in service to the community. Congratulations again.

Kurt von Maucher


May 2002



Thank You, Once again, for the OUTSTANDING JOB by Troop 357.  It really Adds to our Program!

        Jim Wilson Chairman of the Rotterdam Elks Flag Day Parade/Ceremonies"

June 2002


Thank YOU (For inviting us to your Court of Honor).  I, as you know, have wanted to visit Troop 357 for some time now.  I am so pleased to see Scouts and leaders together having fun, not just serious stuff.  You hold a certain balance that is hard to accomplish. <snip>
It also helped my boys with their Webelos requirement to visit Troops. <snip>
You have a great group and I am pleased they allowed me to intrude. 
Your parents have done a great job in supporting (you and the Troop,) and it must be a thrill for them to still be so involved. <snip>
In fact I realized tonite the value of just that watching you, your committee/leaders.  They as Scouters want to give back and stay involved and the youth they help are treated to a wealth of experience and knowledge.
You are also a great Scoutmaster and I hope you keep it up.  Your boys love you.
Thanks again for everything,
Denise Schwind Pack 67 Scotia-Glenville"
June 2002



John Papp's Scouting Resume’




JOINED Troop 90 October 10, 1973 Scoutmaster Gary P. Guido, ASM John J. LaCagnina

Member Troop 90 10/73 - 9/77

Attended Camp Boyhaven Summer Camp ‘74, ‘75, ‘76, ‘77

Historic Trails Award 1974 

Cornerstone Leadership Training Graduate June 1977

Camp Boyhaven STAFF 1977, Kitchen & Trading Post

Earned ALL SKILL AWARDS ‘74-’76




Transferred into Troop 357 September 1977 Scoutmaster Mark Nadeau, ASM John Jankowski

Member 9/77 to DATE

World Conservation Award 1979

BRONZE PALM EAGLE 1979 for 35 Merit Badges


World Scout Crest 1980

Attended Camp Boyhaven Summer Camp ‘78, ‘79, ‘80, ‘85, ‘89, ‘90

Attended Camp Russell Summer Camp ‘93, ‘94, ‘98, ‘99, ‘00, ‘01, '02

Held ALL Jr Ldr Offices, SPL, ASPL, JASM

Philmont Scout Ranch Contingent 1978 713-M

        50 Miler Award -Backpacking Philmont

Scotland Scouting Contingent 1980

Accepted on 1981 National Jamboree Trading Post Staff, TP “A” Headquarters

Attended West Point Invitational Camporee 1980, 1993, 2001?

10 Year Veteran 1983

15 Year Veteran 1988

20 Year Veteran 1993

25 Year Veteran National Award 1998 (National Honor Awarded May 1999)


Adult Offices Held: Committee Member, Assistant Scoutmaster

Cubmaster Basic Leader Training March 6, 1998

Schenectady District “Spark Plug Award” May 1998

Scoutmasters Fundamentals 4/98-10/99 Graduate

Camp Boyhaven 75th Anniversary STAFF 1998-1999

“Sleepless at Boyhaven” Award 1999


SCOUTMASTER Troop 357 May 1999 to DATE

Camp Boyhaven 75th Anniversary Book “Land of Dreams”

                        Senior Editor/Photographer/Writer

Klondike 2000, 2001, 2002 Staff (Ice Rescue Judge)

Youth Protection February 2000

Institute of Scouting Staff ~March 2000, 2002

“Schenectady Health Dept. Super Shot Saturday” Award April 2000, 2001

Presenter on Internet Scouting, April 2000 Scoutmasters Roundtable

Scouters Training Award Winner May 2000

Safety Afloat Certified July 6, 2000

Safe Swim Defense Certified July 7, 2000

Scoutmasters Merit Badge Recipient, Camp Russell Summer Camp July 2000

Schenectady District Electronic Mail Administrator October 1999 to Date

Okpik Winter Camping Graduate January 2001

Award of Merit Recipient in the Schenectady District April 2001

2001 National Scout Jamboree Media Staff Jamboree TODAY 1st Photo Editor

Twin Rivers Council Ft Ticonderoga Fall Camporee SubCamp Director 2001

Scoutmaster “Key” April 2002

National Distinguished Scoutmaster Award of Merit April 2002

Adirondack High Adventure Canoe Trek

        50 Miler (2nd) Canoeing Long Lake to Raquette River to Tupper                 Lake to Bog River Falls.

Cub Scouters Award (?) April 2003



Member Rotterdam Police Explorer Post 10-4 October ‘77 to December ‘80

Advisors Tim Bradt & Rich Krosky

Post Deputy Chief 9/80-12/80

Member CB Explorer Post 10-8 March ‘78 to Sept ‘78

Bob Rogers Advisor

Post President 3/78-8/78

Member Emergency Services Post 787 Sept. 78 to May ‘79

Mr & Mrs Gilbert Advisors

Post Secretary 9/78-5/79

Member Pack 10 Rotterdam Committee 9/99 to Date

Ron Waskewicz Cubmaster ‘99-’01

Jim Resila Cubmaster ‘01-’03

        Troop/Scouting Advisement

Pack 10 Cub Adventure Summer Camp Coordinator 1998-1999

Bronco’s Den Co-Cubmaster At Summer Camp 1999

Order of the Arrow Sisilija Lodge #19

Tapped out July 1976

Ordeal September 1976

Brotherhood September 1977

Vigil Honor May 1980

Sisilija Lodge Dance Team 1976-1978

Sisilija Dance Team Triangle Awarded 1977

Sisilija Sagamore (Lodge Officer)

Brotherhood-Conclave Chairman September 1978-79

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 1979-80

Winter Banquet ‘79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘00, ‘01

Conclave ‘79, ‘85, ‘93, ‘99, ‘00

Member National Eagle Scout Association 1990 to Date

Member Veteran Scouters Association 1997 to Date

Awarded Silver Medal for 25 years Service in Scouting

Member National Scouting Collectors Society 1979-83 & 1999-Date

Member West Coast Traders 1979-83

Member American Scouting Trading Association 1998-2001

Member International Scouting Collectors Association 2001 to Date

Charter Member Upstate NY Scouting Stitch Counters

        Email Administrator January 2002 to Date



Other Volunteer Activities



Volunteer Fireman: Rotterdam District #2 Volunteer Fire Company

September 1982 - September 1985

Earned Training Certificates in:

Essentials of Firemanship

Radiation Safety

Hazardous Materials I

Initial Fire Attack

Pump Operations


Advanced First Aid

Country Street Machine & Rod Association

May 1984 to October 1987

Newsletter Editor ‘84-’86

Member of the Year ‘85-’86

Public Relations Director ‘84-’86

Albany Rods & Kustoms

Charter Member 1986

Club Secretary ‘87

President 1988

Co-Founder of the “ADIRONDACK NATIONALS” Car Show

in Lake George

Club Historian/Photographer ‘89-’91

“Chosen Few” Car Club Non-Member ‘91-Date

Charter Non-Member


International Show Car Association

Member ‘85-’89

Albany Custom Car Show Competitor ‘85-’87

Eastern Hot Rod Association

Charter Member 1985-1989


Adirondack Glue Crue (Adult Model Car Association) 1988 - 1992 (Group Retired)

Charter Member

Director/Crue Chief

Responsible for: Public Relations, Promotion, Chamber of Commerce Liason, Photographer, Fundraising, Judging, Writing, Creation of the #1 All age Model Car Event in the East Coast.

National Model Car Association

Regional Director 1988-1991

Automotive Modelers Society

Member 1988-1992

Model Car Collectors Association

Member 1988-1992

Mohawk Hudson Wheelmen (Bicycling Organization)

Member 1992-94?

National Street Rod Association

Member 1992-1997

Tri-City BMX

Board of Director’s 1997 to Date

Track Photographer 1997 to Date

Coach 1996-1999

United States Cycling Federation

Sport Coach Graduate/Certification

February 28, 1997

Empire State BMX Association

New York State Photographer/Writer 1997-Date

National Bicycle League

National Contributing Photographer/Writer 1998 to Date

International Freelance Photographers Organization

Life Member 1985 to Date

Associated Photographers International

Member 1986-1990

Photo Articles Published


Metroland Weekly Newspaper

M-16 Rock Concert Coverage

Eastern Rod News

Car Features & Event Coverage

Upstate NY Columnist & Staff Photographer ‘85-’87

Popular Cars Magazine

Car Club Profile 1985

ARKives Newsletter

Car Show Coverage ‘85-’90

Chrysler Power Magazine

Car Features ‘85-’86

Autobuff Magazine

Car Features June 1985

“Adirondack Glue Crue” Yearbook

“Nues” & Event Coverage 1988-1991

Plastic Fanatic Magazine

Model Car Event Coverage & Features 1987-1992

East Coast Events Columnist

Model Car Journal

Model Car Event Coverage 1987-1992

Golden Chariots/East Coast Cruise News

Covers & Car Features October 1990-1993

Street Rod Action Magazine

Car Features & Show Coverage July 1991-1994

Street Rodder Magazine

Car Features & Event Coverage 1992-1996

Thrifty Tid Bit Photo Classified

Cars For Sale, Car Features, Events, Clubs, 1983-89

“Closeup on the Capital Region” Book

Photo Published

Lebenon Valley Dragway News

Race Coverage 1995-1997

Bicycles Today

BMX Race Event Coverage 1997 to Date

“Land of Dreams” Camp Boyhaven 75th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Photos, Writing of Complete Book Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Camp Boyhaven Boy Scout Camp.

“Signals” Newsletter, Twin Rivers Council BSA

Event Coverage of the 75th Anniversary of Camp Boyhaven August 1999

“Troop Scoop” Newsletter

Photos/Writing for BSA Troop 357 Rotterdam-Schenectady, NY


Webmaster, Photographer, Writer, Programmer of Web Site



Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier "He who shows the Way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357 Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Newspaper Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Web Sites at:        &

"Since 9-11, America is coming back to the values that scouting has never left!"
~J.M. Papp

"Troop 357, Where MEMORIES are Made,
and TRADITION is Lived."

Words of Wisdom

David Bournazian~Music Director of the Mohonasen Marching Band
& Mentor

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